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Royal Family

          The Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco is made up of a large family of members who work in constant unison to support the reigning Grand Duke and Grand Duchess and oversee the operation of the organization. Members include The College of Monarchs; Grand Dukes and Grand Duchesses who have fulfilled all duties of office while reigning and are honored members in good standing with the organization. The Royal Society of Nobles; members who have been awarded various titles, ie: Prince, Countess, Baron, Dame or Grand Cavalier for their hard work and dedication to the organization, and the reigning Court lead by the Grand Duke & Grand Duchess and supported by various titleholders. All of these family members volunteer their time and services to ensure the Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco is a successful and vital member of the Bay Area LGBT community. Our family is always growing and we are always looking for new members to help us give back to the community.

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