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Past Royal Houses

The Royal House of Cinderfella

Grand Duchess I, HL Perry - Founder of the Grand Duchess Title
"The House of Cinderfella"

1973 - 74

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 2nd Royal House of the Lithuanian Steed & Love Eternal
Grand Duke I, The Lithuanian Steed  - Joe Roland
Grand Duchess II, Think Love - Lee Raymond
"A Grand Duke and Grand Duchess Royal Ball"

1974 - 75

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 3rd Royal House of the Godfather & The Yellow Rose
Grand Duke II, The Godfather - Lenny Mollet
Grand Duchess III, The Yellow Rose - Charlie
"A Royal Grand Ducal Ball"

1975 - 76

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 4th Royal House of the Griffin & The Black Pearl
Grand Duke III, The Griffin - Lee Dow
Grand Duchess IV, The Black Pearl - Connie
"A Royal Black & White Ball"

1976 - 77

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 5th Royal House of the Double Eagle & The Black Orchid
Grand Duke IV, The Double Eagle - Don Baker
Grand Duchess V, The Black Orchid - Tanya
"A Royal Russian Silver Ball"

1977 - 78

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 6th Royal House of The Royal Oak & The Blue Boar
Grand Duke V, The Royal Oak – Fred Townson
Grand Duchess VI, The Blue Boar – Frau Schneider
"A Russian Summer Ball"

1978 - 79

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 7th Royal House of The Scorpion, The Silver Rose & The Royal Panda
Grand Duke VI, The Scorpion - Peter Lockett
Grand Duke Regent I, The Royal Panda - Rick Thompson
Grand Duchess VII, The Silver Rose - Kelly
"A Russian Bistro 1910-1918"

1979 - 80

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 8th Royal House of The Royal Panda & The Royal Topaz
Grand Duke VII, The Royal Panda - Rick Thompson
Grand Duchess VIII, The Royal Topaz – Edie
"A Russian Winter Ball"

1980 - 81

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 9th Royal House of The Royal Lion & The Foxy Bunny
Grand Duke VIII, The Royal Lion - Roger Palmer
Grand Duchess IX, The Foxy Bunny - Vinnie
"The Russian Family in Exile - Paris in the '20's"

1981 - 82

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 10th Royal House of The Golden Gobbler & The Royal Persian
Grand Duke IX, The Golden Gobbler - Mr. Lee*Ona
Grand Duchess X, The Royal Persian - Kitty Litter
"Mardi Gras in St. Petersburg"

1982 - 83

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 11th Royal House of The Mime & The Monarch
Grand Duke X, The Monarch Butterfly - Ken Wright
Grand Duchess XI, The Mime - Sable Clown
"A White Russian B

1983 - 84

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 12th Royal House of The Mystical Unicorn & The Lavender Lotus
Grand Duke XI, The Mystical Unicorn - Michael Bowman
Grand Duchess XII, The Lavender Lotus - Trixie Trash
"Cossack Capers"

1984 - 85

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 13th Royal House of The Fire Crystal & The Ebony Star
Grand Duke XII,  The Fire Crystal - Tony Travizo
Grand Duchess XIII, The Ebony Star - Deena Jones

" A Russian Fairy Tale"

1985 - 86

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 14th Royal House of The Snow Owl & The Silver Peacock
Grand Duke XIII, The Snow Owl - Mike D' Dyke
Grand Duchess XIV, The Tropical Heat Wave Silver Peacock - Lola Lust
"The Russian Family in Search of Heirs - Spain-China-Russia"

1986 - 87

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 15th Royal House of The Golden Eagle & The Eternal Flame
Grand Duke XIV, The Golden Eagle - Tom Roller
Former Grand Duchess – Flame**
"Empires of the Old World"
**Abdicated the throne

1987 - 88

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 16th Royal House of the Golden Bear & The Jade Dragon
Grand Duke XV, The Golden Bear - Jim Johner
Grand Duchess XVI, The Jade Dragon - Suzi Wong
"A Winter Odyssey to Mother Russia"

1988 - 89

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 17th Royal House of the Golden Falcon & The Platinum Brick
Grand Duke XVI, The Golden Falcon - Bruce Harrelson
Grand Duchess XVII, The Platinum Brick - Collette LeGrande - Ashton
"Karnival in Kiev - A Russian Mardi Gras"

1989 - 90

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 18th Royal House of the Leather Teddy Bear & The Chiffon Swan
Grand Duke XVII, The Leather Teddy Bear - Mr. Edd
Grand Duchess XVIII, The Chiffon Swan - Davida Ashton
"From Renaissance to Glasnost: A Russian Fantasy"

1990 - 91

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 19th Royal House of Fire & Lightning
Grand Duke XVIII, The Black Leather Stallion - Michael Vaticano
Grand Duchess XIX, The Pitchfork - Hel'n Back
"An Afternoon in New York An Evening in Moscow"

1991 - 92

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 20th Royal House of The Mallard Quill & The Golden Bell
Grand Duke XIX, The Black Leather Duck - Joe Shore
Grand Duchess XX, The Golden Bell - Barbie Q Hayes
"Moscow is Burning - A 20 Year Extravaganza"

1992 - 93

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 21st Royal House of United Friendship
Grand Duke XX, The White Lion - Will Sweet
Grand Duchess XXI, The Ebony Dream - Ro Flack Franklin
"Russia and All That Jazz - A Troupe Thru the '40's"

1993 - 94

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 22nd Royal House of Pork & Beans
Grand Duke XXI, The Black Leather Pig - Frank Stevens
Grand Duchess XXII, The Golden Fawn - Joey
"Russia Space Station The Year 2221 - The Masquerade Ball"

1994 - 95

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 23rd Royal House of Unity & Trust
Grand Duke XXII, The Blue Diamond Chip - Don Woods
Grand Duchess XXIII, The Burrito Bombshell - Renita Valdez
"All Aboard the Orient Express - From St. Petersburg to San Francisco Nights"

1995 - 96

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 24th Royal House of Harmony & Strength
Grand Duke XXIII, The Russian Bear - Gail Wood
Grand Duchess XXIV, The 24 Carat Gold Tigress - Tiger Lily
"A Night at the Russian Circus"

1996 - 97

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 25th Royal House of Guts & Glamour
Grand Duke XXIV, The Aztec Son - Shawn Dru Colony
Grand Duchess XXV, The Sterling Silver Hamburger Goddess - Patty Mae
"Silver Jubilee - An Evening of Silver Elegance in Old San Francisco"

1997 - 98

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 26th Royal House of Food, Fun & Friendship
Grand Duke XXV, The Sterling Silver Spider - Philip Seddon
Grand Duchess XXVI, The Full Plate Baby El-e-phant - Kristy Cruise
"A Night in San Francisco with the Royal Family - An Old Fashion Russian Ball"

1998 - 99

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 27th Royal House of Elegance & Romance
Grand Duke XXVI, The Elegant English Rose - Michael Parsons
Grand Duchess XXVII, The Blue Sapphire Lady of Golden Romance - China Silk
"A Royal Russian Wedding"

1999 - 2000

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 28th Royal House of Commitment & Compassion
Grand Duke XXVII, The Triple Star - Greg Osmon
Former Grand Duchess - Angelina Josephina Manicotti
"A Russian Space Odyssey"

2000 - 01

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 29th Royal House of Harmony & Happiness
Grand Duke XXVIII, The Coral Snake - Brad Sprankle
Grand Duchess XXIX, The Golden Mermaid - Carlotta Osmon
"A Russian Tropical Paradise"

2001 - 02

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 30th Royal House of The Romanoff Eagle & The Fabergé Pearl
Grand Duke XXIX, The Romanoff Eagle - Alexander Romanoff I
Grand Duchess XXX, The Triple Diamond Black Pearl - Diva LaFever Faberge-Romanoff 
"Celebrating 30 years of Noble Deeds - A Russian Military Ball"

2002 - 2003

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 31st Royal House of Salt & Pepper
Grand Duke XXX, The Leather Piglet - "Just Jeff"
Grand Duchess XXXI, The Black Onyx Feline - Donna Rae
"A Royal Masquerade Ball in Red Square"

2003 - 04

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 32nd Royal House of Myth & Mayhem
Former Grand Duke - Mike Manicotti
Grand Duchess XXXII, The Gothic Goddess of Myth and Mayhem - Sophylia Leggz
"A Russian Gypsy Circus comes to San Francisco"

2004 - 05

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 33rd Royal House of New Beginnings & Old Traditions
Grand Duke XXXII, The Black Leather Panther – Robert Charles Romanoff
Grand Duchess XXXIII, The Double Crowned Platinum Brick – Collette LeGrande - Ashton
"The Royal Family Returns from Exile"

2005 - 06

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 34th Royal House of a Million Mirrors & Broadway Lights
Grand Duke XXXIII, The Disco Grand Duke - Brian Busta
Grand Duchess XXXIV, The Bubbling Broadway Burrito Bombshell - Renita Valdez
"A Grand Winter Ball at the Hermitage Palace"

2006 - 07

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 35th Royal House of The Positive Court of Rubies & Diamonds
Grand Duke XXXIV, The Ruby Cock - Oliver with a Twist
Grand Duchess XXXV, The 35-Karat Diamond Duchess - Big D
"A Tale of Three Russian Cities"

2007 -08

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 36th Royal House of The Abzolute Latin Leather Duke
​& The Native American Goddess of Glitter Duchess
Grand Duke XXXV, The Abzolute Latin Leather Duke - Carlos Medal Romanoff
Grand Duchess XXXVI, The Native American Goddess of Glitter - Landa Lakes
"Russian Booty or Treasure Chest"

2008 - 09

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 37th Royal House of All That Glitters is Gold
Grand Duke XXXVI, The Golden Bear of Erin - Patrick Noonan
Grand Duchess XXXVII, The Glittered Glamazon - Pollo Del Mar
"Russian Roulette"

2009 - 10

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 38th Royal House of Rock and Woof All Night
Grand Duke XXXVII, Leather Pup of the Golden Hills - Jason Husted
Grand Duchess XXXVIII, Mistress of Mayhem to the Monster Show - Cookie Dough
"Cosmonauts in Outer Space"

2010 -11

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 39th Royal House of The Huggable Red Lion Court
Grand Duke XXXVIII, The Ruby Red Lion - Alan Toomey
Grand Duchess XXXIX, Voluptuous Free Hug Dragerina - Kylie Minono
"The Faberge Ball - A Night of Russian Royalty"

2011 - 12

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 40th Royal House of The Majestic Dove Court
Grand Duke XXXIX, The Triple Coxxx Grand Duke - Moses "Moe Jo" Garcia
Grand Duchess XL, The Triple D Grand Duchess - Paloma Volare St James
"Dancing with the Czars at the Ice Palace"

2012 - 13

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 41st Royal House of The Rising Phoenix Court of Chocolate,

Champagne & Jambalaya
Grand Duke XL, The Champagne & Chocolate Grand Duke - Kippy Marks
Grand Duchess XLI, The Cajun Showgirl on Steroids - Joie de Vivre
"The Night of the Rising Phoenix Over Korsakov"

2013 - 14

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 42nd Royal House of The Fiery House of Charm, Candy, and Courage
Grand Duke XLI, The Majestic Ruby Lion of the Giving Heart – TJ Wilkinson
Grand Duchess XLII, The Ebullient Sweet Tooth Grand Duchess - Roxy Cotten-Candy
"Commie Con"

2014 - 15

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 43rd Royal House of The Diamond Eyed Ebony Panther

and the Lady of the Giving Red Heart
Grand Duke XLII, The Diamond Eyed Ebony Panther – Aja Monet - Ashton
Grand Duchess XLIII, The Lady of the Giving Red Heart - Olivia Hart
"A Russian Military Ball"

2015 - 16

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 44th Royal House of The Beautiful Butterfly

and the Penguin of Peace

Grand Duke XLIII, The Penguin of Peace - Peter 'U-Phoria' Griggs
Grand Duchess XLIV, The Beautiful Butterfly - Migitte Nielsen
"A Night at the Russian Disko"

2016 - 17

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 45th Royal House of The Sacred Golden Beavers

Grand Duke XLIV, The Reluctant Duke - Madd-Dogg 20/20
Grand Duchess XLV, the Lady of the Bodacious Latkes - Miss Shugana
"Russian Mafia"

2017 - 18

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 46th Royal House of the Glittering Court of Nectar & Honey

Grand Duke XLV, Native God of Glitter - Ken Harper
Grand Duchess XLVI, Leopard Printed Lady of Community, Courage, and Crass - MGM Grande
"Pansies in Russia: A Garden Party at the Hermitage"

2018 - '19

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 47th Royal House of the Court of the

Leather Rose of Sensuality & Strength

Grand Duke XLVI, The Glittering and Bare-Chested Leather Blue Bunny of Hope & Pleasure - Timothy Valdivia​
Grand Duchess XLVII, The Garnet Mistress of Love, Unity, Service, and Tenacity -

Katherine Rose

"Bordello at St. Basil's Cathedral"

2019 - '21

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 48th Royal Court of the Panthers of Pride, Power & Ferocity

Grand Duke XLVII, The Steadfast Steed of Sincerity - Scott Rice​
Grand Duchess XLVIII, The Fierce Glittering Diamond and the Hologram - Bobby Friday

"The Black & White Ball at Grand Peterhof"

2021 - '22

Russian Imp Crown.png

The 49th Royal House of the Majestics of Light, Love, and Laughter

Grand Duke XLVIII - The Platinum Blue-Eyed Extra Duke of Dore Alley -

Gregg Starr

Grand Duchess XLIX - The Ever-Blooming Seductive Duchess of Humor and Humility - Kelly Rose

"Pop Art at the Pushkin Museum"

2022 - '23

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