Grand Dukes and Grand Duchesses who have fulfilled all duties of office while reigning and are honored members in good standing with the organization

Grand Duke XLV  Ken Harper

Grand Duke XLIV - Madd-Dogg 20/20

Grand Duke XLIII - Peter 'U-Phoria' Griggs

Grand Duke XLII - Aja Monet - Ashton

Grand Duke XLI - TJ Wilkinson
Grand Duke XL - Kippy Marks
Grand Duke XXXIX - Moses "Moe Jo" Garcia
Grand Duke XXXVIII - Alan Toomey
Grand Duke XXXVII - Jason Husted
Grand Duke XXXVI - Patrick Noonan
Grand Duke XXXV - Carlos Medal Romanoff
Grand Duke XXXIV - Oliver with a Twist
Grand Duke XXXIII - Brian Busta
Grand Duke XXX - Just Jeff
Grand Duke XXIX - Alexander Romanoff I
Grand Duke XXVIII - Brad Sprankle

Grand Duke XXIV - Shawn Dru Colony
Grand Duke XXI - Frank Stevens
Grand Duke XIX - Joe Shore
Grand Duke XVIII - Michael Vaticano
Grand Duke XIII - Mike D' Dyke
Grand Duke V - Fred Townson

Grand Duchess XLVI - MGM Grande

Grand Duchess XLV - Miss Shugana

Grand Duchess XLIV - Migitte Nielsen

Grand Duchess XLIII - Olivia Hart

Grand Duchess XLII - Roxy-Cotten Candy
​Grand Duchess XLI - Joie de Vivre
Grand Duchess XXXIX - Kylie Minono
​Grand Duchess XXXVI - Landa Lakes
​Grand Duchess XVII & XXXIII - Collette Le Grande
Grand Duchess XXXII - Sophylia Leggz
Grand Duchess XXXI - Donna Rae
​Grand Duchess XXX - Diva La Fever Faberge-Romanoff
Grand Duchess XXVI - Kristy Cruise
Grand Duchess XVIII - Davida
​Grand Duchess III - Charlie
Grand Duchess I - HL Perry