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The Grand Duke & Grand Duchess
of the Royal Empire of  San Francisco, San Mateo & Marin

The 49th Royal House of the Majestics
of Light, Love, and Laughter

Greg & Kelly.png

His Most Royal Sovereign Majesty

The Platinum, Blue Eyed Duke of Dore Alley

Grand Duke Gregg Starr

Her Most Royal Sovereign Majesty

The Ever-Blooming Seductive Duchess of Humor & Humility

Grand Duchess Kelly Rose

Reigning Court Titles

His Most Grand Ducal Highness
Royal Crown PrinceX


Her Most Grand Ducal Highness

Royal Crown Princess

Sue Trowtower

His Most Royal Highness

Prince Royale

RayRay Roldan


Her Most Royal Highness

Princess Royale

La Rosa De Los Gallos

Royal Cabinet


Court Prime Minister

Olivia Hart

Court Treasurer

David Herrera

Reigning Royal Titles

Miss Debutante - EB Tina
Royal Rainbow Knight - Aleks Faynleyb

Royal Baby - Raya Light

Royal Baby - Tawdry Hepburn

Royal King of Hearts - Jesse Rogel
Royal Queen of Hearts - Christina Ashton
Royal Jill of Hearts - Candi Mint

Mr. Royal Bunny - Ray Roldan
Miss Royal Bunny - Lady Bird
Mx. Royal Bunny - Helixir Jynder Byntwell
Royal Daddy - Andre Steens
Royal Dominatrix - La Rosa De Los Gallos

Miss California Gold - Aurora Forte
Mr. California King - Jota Mercury

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