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The Grand Duke & Grand Duchess
of the Royal Empire of  San Francisco, San Mateo & Marin

The 50th Royal House of the Elephant
Realm of Loyalty, Stability & Patience

His Most Royal Sovereign Majesty

The Conspicuous Cerise Carabao of Charisma, Cultivation, and Connectedness

Grand Duke RayRay


Her Most Royal Sovereign Majesty

The Cher and Share Alike Duchess of Snap Out Of It

Grand Duchess Christina Ashton

Reigning Court Titles

His Most Grand Ducal Highness
Royal Crown Prinx

Joel Josefina Medina


Her Most Grand Ducal Highness

Royal Crown Princess



His Most Royal Highness

Prinx Royale

Luis Luz Lips


Her Most Royal Highness

Princess Royale

Vivianne Vixen-Rose

Royal Cabinet

Court Prime Minister

David Herrera


Court Treasurer

Ana Maria Rivera

Reigning Royal Titles

Miss Debutante - Reyna Terror

Royal Rainbow Knight - John Smithers


 Royal Mx Baby- Anitta Friday

Two-Spirited Royal Baby - Miranda Many Hogans


 Royal King of Hearts - Nilla Houston

Royal Queen of Hearts - Saiyohni Gray

Royal Jack of Hearts - Carter Nixx

Royal Jill of Hearts - Tawdry Hepburn

Royal Ace of Hearts - Lindsay Lux


Royal Bunny - Bobbee Trans Mooremon

Royal Bunny - JJ (Cristobal Jeff)

Royal Daddy - Jacob Guy

Royal Daddy's Boy - Pup Named Boi

Royal Dominatrix - Mia Fierce


California Gold - Afrika America

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