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The Grand Duke & Grand Duchess

of the Royal Empire of  San Francisco, San Mateo & Marin

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Photo by Dot

The 47th Royal House:

The Court of the Leather Rose of Sensuality & Strength

His Most Royal Sovereign Majesty 

The Glittering and Bare-Chested Leather Blue Bunny of Hope & Pleasure,

Grand Duke Timothy Valdivia

Her Most Royal Sovereign Majesty

The Garnet Mistress of Love, Unity, Service, and Tenacity

Grand Duchess Katherine Rose

Reigning Court Titles

His Most Grand Ducal Highness

Royal Crown Prince

Joseph Adams

Her Most Grand Ducal Highness

Royal Crown Princess

Eclectica Michelle

His Most Royal Highness

Prince Royale

Markus Barsanti

Her Most Royal Highness

Princess Royale

Krystal Khandelier

Royal Cabinet

Court Prime Minister

Kylie Minono

Court Secretary

Patrick Noonan

Court Treasurer

Jouke Lanning

Reigning Royal Titles

Miss Debutante - Mala
Royal Rainbow Knight - Eric Richard Panatta


Royal Baby - Jungle bebesité Smith

Royal King Of Hearts - Vera Hannush

Royal Queen of Hearts - Lilith LeQueen

Mr. Royal Bunny - Soul'd Out


Royal Daddy - Element Eclipse
Royal Daddy's Boy - Jeffry Arcam

Royal Dominatrix - Menorah Manischevitz

Miss California Gold - Bobby Friday

Mr. California King - Jota Mercury