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The Grand Duke & Grand Duchess
of the Royal Empire of  San Francisco, San Mateo & Marin

48 GD & GD.png

The 48th Royal House
The Panthers of Pride, Power and Ferocity

His Most Royal Sovereign Majesty 
The Steadfast Steed of Sincerity
Grand Duke Scott Rice


Her Most Royal Sovereign MajestyThe Fierce Glittering Diamond and the Hologram
Grand Duchess Bobby Friday

Reigning Court Titles

His Most Grand Ducal Highness
Royal Crown Prince

Victor Sanchez


Her Most Grand Ducal Highness

Royal Crown Princess

Elsa Touche

His Most Royal Highness

Prince Royale

DC Sands


Her Most Royal Highness

Princess Royale

Linda Summers

Royal Cabinet

Court Prime Minister

MGM Grande


Court Treasurer

Jouke Lanning

Reigning Royal Titles

Miss Debutante - Mala
Royal Rainbow Knight - Eric Richard Panatta

Royal Baby - Jungle bebesité Smith

Royal King Of Hearts - Vera Hannush
Royal Queen of Hearts - Lilith LeQueen

Mr. Royal Bunny - Soul'd Out
Royal Daddy - Daddy Drakon
Royal Daddy's Boy - Woodcock Johnson

Royal Dominatrix - Primula Miguel Shugana

Miss California Gold - Bobby Friday
Mr. California King - Jota Mercury