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Coronation 47

"Bordello at St. Basil´s Cathedral"

September 24 - 26, 2021

In Town Show

Wednesday, September 22
5pm - 9pm
The Lookout
3600 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
No cover

Out of Town Show

Friday, September 24

5pm - 8:45pm
43 6th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

$25 Cover 

Purchase Advanced Tickets: HERE


Saturday, September 25
Holiday Inn Golden Gateway

1500 Van Ness
Parlor Suite (Room 708)

11am - 1pm


Saturday, September 25

Holiday Inn Golden Gateway

Emerald Ballroom

1500 Van Ness Ave

Doors at 5pm

Coronation at 6pm


Purchase Tickets HERE

Available online until midnight Friday 9/24

Victory Brunch

Ti Piacera

1507 Polk St.

11:00am - 1:00pm

Three-course menu

(Starter, entrée & dessert)


(Not including gratuity & tax)

Anniversary Monarchs

5 Year Anniversary

The 43rd Royal House of The Diamond Eyed Ebony Panther

and the Lady of the Giving Red Heart

Grand Duke XLII, The Diamond Eyed Ebony Panther – Aja Monet - Ashton

Grand Duchess XLIII, The Lady of the Giving Red Heart - Olivia Hart


10 Year Anniversary

The 38th Royal House of Rock and Woof All Night

Grand Duke XXXVII, Leather Pup of the Golden Hills - Jason Husted

Grand Duchess XXXVIII, Mistress of Mayhem to the Monster Show - Cookie Dough


15 Year Anniversary

The 33rd Royal House of New Beginnings & Old Traditions

Grand Duke XXXII, The Black Leather Panther – Robert Charles Romanoff

Grand Duchess XXXIII, The Double Crowned Platinum Brick – Collette LeGrande - Ashton


20 Year Anniversary

The 28th Royal House of Commitment & Compassion

Grand Duke XXVII, The Triple Star - Greg Osmon

Former Grand Duchess - Angelina Josephina Manicotti


25 Year Anniversary

The 23rd Royal House of Unity & Trust

Grand Duke XXII, The Blue Diamond Chip - Don Woods

Grand Duchess XXIII, The Burrito Bombshell - Renita Valdez


30 Year Anniversary

The 18th Royal House of the Leather Teddy Bear & The Chiffon Swan

Grand Duke XVII, The Leather Teddy Bear - Mr. Edd

Grand Duchess XVIII, The Chiffon Swan - Davida Ashton


35 Year Anniversary

The 13th Royal House of The Fire Crystal & The Ebony Star*

Former Grand Duke - Tony Travizo*

Former Grand Duchess - Deena Jones*

*Court was exiled and all rights removed


40 Year Anniversary

The 8th Royal House of The Royal Panda & The Royal Topaz

Grand Duke VII, The Royal Panda - Rick Thompson

Grand Duchess VIII, The Royal Topaz – Edie


45 Year Anniversary

The 3rd Royal House of the Godfather & The Yellow Rose

Grand Duke II, The Godfather - Lenny Mollet

Grand Duchess III, The Yellow Rose - Charlie

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please send an e-mail to:​

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