The Royal Society of  Nobles

Titles awarded by stepping down Grand Dukes & Grand Duchesses

Barons & Baronesses

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Baroness to the Yellow Rose
Her Excellency
Cicely Hunter
Baron to the Blue Diamond Chip
His Excellency
Albert Reese
Baroness to the Burrito Bombshell
Her Excellency
Jackie Moore
Baron to the 24 Karat Tigress
His Excellency
Tom Barnes
Baron to the Black Onyx Feline
His Excellency
Louie Velasquez
Baroness of Mirth and Mischief to the Gothic Goddess Duchess
Her Excellency
Victoria Secret
Baron to the Disco Diamond Duke
His Excellency
Lucille Carmichael
Baroness to the Disco Diamond Duke
Her Excellency
Frieda Laye
Baron to the Latin Leather Duke
His Excellency
Rick Latulippe
Baroness to the Golden Bear of Erin
Her Excellency
Kitty Tapata (Karin Jaffe)
Baron to the Golden Bear of Erin
His Exellency
Mark Palidini
Baron to the Mistress of Mayhem of the Monster Show
His Excellency
Matt "Otter" Renck
Baron to the Leather Pup
of the Golden Hills
His Excellency
Daddy Ray Tilton
Baron to the Bubbly Champagne Chocolate Duke
His Excellency
Barry Miles
Baroness to the Cajun Showgirl on Steroids Duchess
Her Exellency
Diana Wheeler
Baron to the Diamond Eyed Ebony Panther
His Excellency
Jared Neil
Baroness to the Lady of the Giving Red Heart
Her Excellency
Paris LaQuinta
Baron to the Beautiful Butterfly Grand Duchess
His Excellency
Khalil Riley
Baron to the Majestic Ruby Lion of the Giving Heart and Protector of Mine
His Excellency Keith Smith
Baroness to the Lady of the Bodacious Latkes
Her Excellency Menorah Manischevitz
Royal Baron to the Reluctant Duke
His Excellency Scroto T. Bagginz
Ebony Baron to the
Royal Oak
His Excellency
The Forever Three Star Baron to the Three Star Duke
His Excellency
James Bailey
Baron to the
Coral Snake
His Excellency
Gerard Benoit
Baron to the
Black Leather Pig
His Excellency
Ima Blaster (Billy Sari)
Baron to the
Sterling Silver Spider
His Excellency
Keith Currier
Baron to the Full Plate,
Baby El-E-Phant
His Excellency
Jason Rivera
Baroness of
Leather Pleasures
Her Excellency
Madame Steele
The Green Sapphire Baron to the Lady of Romance
His Excellency
Lance Turcato
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Baron to the Beautiful Butterfly Grand Duchess His Excellency Khalil Riley